The Elvis Machine is a book of poems inspired by living, loving, and hate-fucking in Memphis, Tennessee—a city still kissed with the 1950s. Forged in a dumpster fire of toxic Elvises, these poems are pornographic bad romances, psychedelic love dirges, and threnodies for sex, drugs, and rock’n’roll. They’ll make you laugh off the pain as much as you'll cry, cringe, and feel exposed in this 'No Boys Allowed' clubhouse of feminine rage and healing.

"Kim Vodicka is the sexier Stephen Wright of poetry, with incisive one-liners so sharp and mind-blowingly funny that you forget how hard you were laughing before you started crying, then started laughing again. “

– John Skipp

“Here is the uncanny valley girl, the B-movie queen, Kim Vodicka, delivering a prize fight of the sexes in poetry where every line is a punch line. This book is the seminal display of misogyny’s trauma, an unflinching exposé of toxic relationships, and an exquisitely honest portrayal of a woman’s most intimate bits. Vodicka peels us to the core. This is what raw feels like.”

– Jeanette Powers, author of Dandylion Riot and founder of Stubborn Mule Press

“Kim Vodicka’s web of incantatory siren calls, banshee wails, and mewls with a wink of hot menace will hurtle you into a reverberating portal through which you’ll never be able, nor will you want to, return from. Splendidly mired in wit, heat, & filth, The Elvis Machine is not just a book but an entire ritual, a whole way. “

– Kate Jayroe, author of Parts