Kim Vodicka’s second full-length poetry book, Psychic Privates, is now available from White Stag Publishing. Perfect bound blood, snot, sweat, cum, and tears, it is the over-sexed, drugged-out, rock'n'rollin' howl of a broken southern belle whose comedic musicality sears, devastates, and dements.

“In our pornified country of say-what-astonishes most, Vodicka's Psychic Privates subverts our cellular shame by carving open the familiar charades into a landscape of cheeky play with a side of fury & scream.”

–Megan Burns, author of BASIC PROGRAMMING

“This is a vicious, playful, weighty wild tumble into the cosmic and vast potential of what Poetry CAN do if Poetry lets fucking loose.”

–Lisa Marie Basile, Editor of Luna Luna Magazine

“The world needs more books that misbehave. And Psychic Privates is doing just that, busting up in our neat little worlds, tracking glitter-mud on our beige carpets, rubbing its wet ass on our beige sofas, and kicking over our flower vases. This book is a hot mess. It is free.”

–Steven Dunn, author of Potted Meat

Psychic Privates exacerbates excess, seduces via repulsion, and sisters bodily disasters—forcing beauty from atrocity and making love with all-too-human terrors and embarrassments. Laughing like mental patients, its poems, love songs, lullabies, and massive heart attacks will rub your nose in the gorgeous garbage of their own language, campily ever after.

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